Why go to Dr. Schiller for your BCIR surgery?

"Dr. Schiller's Philosophy of Patient Care"

Dr. Schiller has been performing continent ileostomy surgery (Barnett type of Kock Pouch (or BCIR), revisions of malfunctioning Kock and Barnett pouches, and conversions of failed ileo-anal J Pouches to the BCIR) since 1989. Over all of these years, one constant exists - the personal commitment and dedication of Dr. Schiller to his patients.

If you choose to have your surgery performed by Dr. Schiller in Los Angeles, certain characteristics will immediately stand out:
  • Dr. Schiller wants to have a telephone appointment with each patient before scheduling their surgery (or an in-office visit for people who live "locally")
  • During your hospital stay, you can expect to be seen at least daily by your surgeon - Dr. Schiller. The post-operative care is not delegated to a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practioner.
  • Following discharge, Dr. Schiller continues direct care during the first 6 months by means of regularly scheduled office "telephonic" appointments for out of town patients. If there is any need for you to be seen by a local doctor, Dr. Schiller will communicate directly with that doctor to facilitate your care.
  • Following discharge, it will not be difficult to reach Dr. Schiller for questions or concerns. This is true during evenings and weekends, not only weekdays. Your call will not be screened by a Nurse, PA, Resident or Fellow.
  • Your local physician will have no difficulty reaching Dr. Schiller should the need arise.

Personal commitment and dedication is the rule

Dr. Schiller has always followed a practice style of being readily available to his patients, especially BCIR patients who need to have access to their surgeon on a long-term basis, even for medically unrelated issues. He wants patients to know that any concerns or questions should be directed to him, rather than relying on the advice of a nurse or PA. Dr. Schiller maintains an office chart on every patient, and takes notes during every telephone contact. This provides for effective long-term care. The testimonials of Dr. Schiller's many, many patients testify to his personal devotion to their ongoing health and well-being.

Dr. Schiller has performed the BCIR longer than any other surgeon in the US.
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