Ileostomy Testimonials

"I had a Brooke ileostomy when I was 28 years old. I learned about the BCIR when I was 36 and underwent surgery. The BCIR is a blessing! The Brooke appliance was inconvenient, messier than the BCIR and made me feel self-conscious. And the BCIR is cheaper to maintain than the Brooke. With the Brooke I had to replace the external appliance (pouch) regularly. With the BCIR, the catheters last many months and are inexpensive. I keep catheters at work, in the car and have several at home. I usually empty my BCIR first thing in the morning, twice at work and once or twice in the evening. Emptying is old hat and takes about five minutes. It is even possible to delay emptying until a convenient time." - Brenda A.

"I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 25 years old. I am a fireman and really could not see doing my job much longer because I was so sick. After two years of being very sick and trying the most potent drugs available I started investigating surgical options. I went to a seminar on BCIR in San Diego. After talking with Dr. Schiller the Program Director and surgeon, I underwent a total proctocolectomy and BCIR surgery all at once. Thirteen years later, I am still a fireman and the surgery has allowed me to do my job and to be promoted. I surf, ski, lift weights - do just about anything I want. The BCIR has made an incredible difference in my life." - Tim S.

"After being diagnosed with Familial Polyposis, I had surgery and the Brooke ileostomy was put in. It required a great deal of planning and I never knew when a problem, like leakage or torn bag, would arise. It was difficult to exercise. It was difficult to ride on an airplane ( I am a pilot) because I had no control over when the pouch needed emptying. I had the Brooke for 28 years before converting to the BCIR in 1992. The BCIR is like being born again. It is much easier to empty and feels like part of my own body. I can skate, ride bikes, play golf, swim and shower with my wife. I feel healthier and can really enjoy life." - Charles N.

"I had an ileoanal anastomosis (J Pouch) that failed. The pull through was a mistake I lived with for six years because I refused to have an external ileostomy bag. I was miserable beyond imagination. My life was limited to getting through it with as little pain as possible. Since the BCIR, my life has been remarkable. I can eat anything I want. I can exercise, travel, ride in a car or airplane, all with no pain and no concern about making it to a restroom. Having the BCIR has given me back my life and made it worth living again." - Sue Q.

"I had BCIR back in July of '92 at Century City hospital. I'm married, one adopted daughter, I had a Brooke ostomy in '76 for ulcerative colitis, and the BCIR in '92 because I HATED the Brooke. This picture is one of the reasons I LOVE my BCIR. When I'm not doing my day job at Memorial Hospital as a Microbiologist, I am a costumer. The BCIR is perfect for Catwoman!" - Leslie Y.

"I had UC for years and in 1983 I had a Brooke done at the University of Chicago. They also removed my rectum so there was no other choice for me at that time. I only found out about the BCIR in January, 2004. I called Dr. Schiller right away and scheduled to have the surgery done. I was very scared, because no other doctors wanted anything to do with the surgery or the after care, not even the University of Chicago. I live in Illinois so it is a long way to go if there is a problem. But I wanted to get rid of that external pouch so bad. I hated it so much. I made do with it because it was all I had. So off to LA I went. I am 60 years old so the surgery was tough on me, but I would do it again if I needed to. The best thing about the BCIR is you can wear any clothes you want, not something to cover your stomach all the time, just in case your pouch fills up. Dr. Schiller did a wonderful job, and he is ALWAYS there in a heartbeat for me (on the phone). It has been as good or maybe even easier then having the doctor in my same town. If they were in the same town they would want me to come to there office, this way I can stay at work and receive his call. It was a wonderful gift I received this March. I have only had my BCIR for 3 months, but I am very happy, even though it takes time to get use to the change of everything. If anyone wants to talk you can write me at I will be glad to talk to anyone about UC or the BCIR." - Gwendy S.
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