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Get Your Freedom Back

The Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (BCIR) creates an internal reservoir eliminating the need for an external bag.


Reduced Hospital Stays

Advanced techniques reduce hospital stays from 3 weeks to 2 weeks.


A Doctor at Your Side the Whole Way

From the initial consultation to the last day of your hospital stay, Dr. Don Schiller will be by your side every day.

"Dr. Schiller is absolutely… I can’t say enough good things. He’s above and beyond, absolutely what a doctor should aspire to be. Everything was wonderful. The nursing staff at Olympia was incredible. I trusted them. They all worked as a team; everybody was attentive and compassionate. I found the BCIR by looking on the internet and reading. I had an ileostomy for 18 years. My health was fine, but the quality of life was poor. I had to wear a bag that would come loose. I was blessed to have come out (to LA). Dr. Schiller has been doing it (BCIR) for so long and he is so meticulous." — Nona K., North Dakota.

Don J. Schiller, MD, FACS.

Medical Director

Dr. Schiller has greatly improved the quality of life of innumerable patients who have a malfunctioning conventional Brooke ileostomy, or a malfunctioning or failed ileoanal J pouch or Kock pouch. He is dedicated to providing the best care for his patients, and personally manages their care every day while they are hospitalized. He also provides long-term follow-up for every patient as an integral part of this unique, specialized operation to insure optimal outcomes.


Ileostomy Treatment

The Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir (BCIR). The BCIR is a updated version of the Kock Pouch Continent Ileostomy, requiring no external appliance or bag, and restoring control and freedom over the evacuation of intestinal waste.


Insurance Accepted

Even if Dr. Schiller is not contracted with your health insurance Plan, your plan will make payment at the in-network level of benefits due to the unique, highly specialized nature of this surgery.  Contact us to learn more about Insurance benefits and coverage that will pay for your surgery and hospital stay.

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