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Conventional Ostomy (The Brooke ileostomy)

The conventional or traditional ostomy known as the Brooke ileostomy

The conventional or traditional ostomy – the Brooke ileostomy – requires continuous wearing of an external pouch frequently referred

to as an ileostomy appliance or bag. The small intestine is a continuous flow system, so the collecting device must always be worn. Most people do make a good physical and emotional adjustment to living with an external pouch sometimes referred to as the ileostomy bag, and have a good quality of life. However, they do not have control over their elimination. Also, the stoma must protrude above the skin for nearly one inch so the waste flows into the ileostomy bag and does not contact the skin which can be burned by the waste. Food blockages do occur with a traditional ostomy stoma, and an ileostomy diet may need to avoid roughage. The operation of “ileostomy reversal” involves taking down the existing stoma, and creating the internal BCIR or Barnett Pouch. Ileostomy reversal involves in-patient surgery.